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Bruce Jones
Phone 0407669027
Rock climbing and abseiling around Coffs Harbour NSW Australia. Rock climbing is considered dangerous. Climb at your own risk.



I started climbing some 25 odd years ago after being introduced to it by my nephew. From that moment on it was something that I just had to do, an addiction perhaps, so over the years I became a reasonable climber and contributor to the local climbing infrastructure.


I have always had a natural desire to train others, contribute back, so I gained formal training through the ACIA (Australian Climbing Instructors association), the most respected institution at the time. I progressed quickly to become a CI (Climbing Instructor), fast tracking through their, abseiling, rescue, single pitch, and multi pitch training process. After some years I ceased membership of the association as I received no ongoing support. Their last training option was the train the trainer course but I was already in the process of doing such with my training work in IT (information technology) and associated disciplines. I hold an up-to-date Cert IV in Workplace training and assessing and a Diploma in Workplace training and assessing.
Apart from having qualifications there is a need to be ‘aware’ as an effective outdoor trainer. I have always had some sort of instinct, the ability to see all, to know for instance if your binner is not done up, to foresee all potential problems, which has resulted in an accident free guiding and training history.
So with my experience, qualifications, and love of training, I offer quality and effective instruction in rock climbing and abseiling.