There are activities to suit all climbers from 1 day to many days depending on your needs.
Bruce Jones is a qualified Climbing Instructor and Workplace Trainer and Assesor and offers the activities below. Depending on your experience and skill levels activities will be tailored to suit. Anything from a comprehensive 5 day activity to general technique training.


To book a course or activity then go to the booking page

If numbers allow courses will commence on the first Saturday of May, June, July, August, September and October. Other arrangements can be made outside of these times.

Costs of activities depend on number of participants. If just one person in the Introduction To rock Climbing 2 day course then the cost is $350, 2 people then $400, 3 then $450, 4 then $500.

Im a local to Coffs and just want to see people learn how to climb in safety and have fun. If you have the money then pay for a course, if you dont well, talk to me. There is cetainly no profit in it for me in Coffs harbour as pretty much anything earned from climbing goes back into climbing, I do it cause I love to.


However we often have discounts and special prices happening so please ask.
If you dont fit into the options Ive listed then please enquire.


General guiding
Fun day on the rock abseiling and climbing
Introduction to rock climbing 2 day course
Multi pitch climbing
Lead Climbing
Basic rescue techniques  
Advanced rescue techniques
Indoor / outdoor conversion
Technique training
Other Activities


Please contact us to discuss your needs


Most Climbers in  this region have a mixture of experience. A lot have learnt the methods they use by trial and error and watching others. Whatever your experience or background it is considered worthwhile to seek some professional instruction at some stage. The best time for guidance is when you first start. This allows you to learn the current best practice, and develop good judgment. These things will be invaluable in your climbing, allowing you to climb with confidence.
Having experience might mean you only need to address certain areas of your climbing. There are numerous problems that may occur. Such things as problems with leading & trusting that gear placement would see you doing a days instruction on placing and testing your placements. Multi pitch climbing requires good rope maintenance skills, Can't break a grade barrier then we would look at many aspects of your climbing and put you on the right track. Worried about getting out of trouble on the rock, basic rescue techniques, through to more complex scenarios can be shown. Having problems on certain moves, lets analyze your climbing and give you some technique training to suit.
This is but a sample of the many & varied problems that may occur.