Crag Information: - download pdf of Bunyip


Bunyip was found by Tristan Ricketts & Paul Daniel sometime around 1999.They called it Bunyip 'cos it was big (relative to the Fort Knox area et al),and not easily found. They also wanted a uniquely Australian name. They started bolting wicked wall then moved on to the larger black wall that faces south (30?m left/North of Wicked wall). Unfortunately they only got a few routes done before Tristan got a job and moved to Sydney.
Follows is some information on Bunyip. More informative route descriptions and locations will be forthcoming (hopefully). Maybe someone could supply me with some history. Anyway what follows is as much as I know so far about the routes.


This section is the largest section of cliff, once you arrive at shorter wall with sports climbs on walk another 60m. 


I'll follow the sun *** 35m 21

1st Pitch - Jump start then climb juggy overhang up to ledge then up to chains. 2nd Pitch - Move up large steps approx 8m, climb corner crack to roof and up past loose block, (but secure) up corner crack to small roof and then up to chains. 
T. Bernutt lead, M. Bailey 2nd 1999


Woosca ** 35m 21

15m to the right of I.F.T.S. Straight forward and pleasant climbing to crux. Above crux the rock becomes a little softer. Make way up corner crack to ledge.
M. Bailey lead, T. Bernutt 2nd 1999


Sticky fingers



Thursday * 35m 20

Up tricky crack then head left up through a bulge to ledge, move to corner. Hard start to gain wall, then up to ledge. Up remaining wall to chains. Climbed as a single pitch but could be easily split into 2 or 3 pitches at ledges.
B. Milne lead, T. Bernutt and M. Bailey 2nd 1999


Walk past lots of potential climbs for about 200m. When you first sight taller section of cliff stop and look for hangers on wall.


Something wicked this way comes **15m 20

Start just right of large crack up bulge to wall. Very balancy to top.


Gargle Blaster 15m 20

2m to right of S.W.T.W.C. Star mangled banger 15m18 Up corner left of rooflet.


Whip Your Nuts Out 15m 17 



End of Routes