Crag Information:

Hey how you going - Gotta tell you climbing can be a bit dangerous so be careful. The information in this web site is intended to help you but you have to use your own descretion as I will not be reponsible if you use any of the information to cause yourself or anyone else harm. If you are not sure then best you get some assitance from someone that knows.


Access to the climbing sites are controlled by the land managers (NPWS and Forestry). Please make sure you have access rights before climbing in the areas covered on this web site.
The local crag listings do not give a comprehensive listing to ALL climbs. Many routes & areas have been developed over the years which have yet not be recorded.  Most climbers nowdays send route information to the


The crag info on this site is a bit stagnate as it hasnt been needed for awhile since most climbers are now using the Many of our local crags are now listed on that web site. The is an excellent resource and continues to get better. However not all our local stuff is on that site so Ive decided to leave the crag information I have gathered over time on the VerticalMania web site. Using a combination of the two you should be able to get all the info you want for climbing around Coffs Harbour.
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