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Chance Meeting 10M 16

Cnr crack - It was there. Natural Pro
Bruce Jones OS 16/3/96


Mobile Moments 12m 21

Obvious line on BH’s. Crux near top
Bruce Jones & Marty S 10/03/98


Drum Beat 18m 15

An easy way to the top. Left of 'Broken Toe' up past a tree. Natural Pro and Belay.
Bruce Jones OS 6/4/96. Solo 16/8/96.


Mangle Sandal * 19m 19

Start 2m left of BROKEN TOE, directly under first BR. 3BR's plus natural. Natural after third BR. Nice moves well worth the effort. Tree Belay.
Flash & FA Bruce Jones, Mal Drummond 19/12/96


Broken Toe * 20m 19

Follow crack to top. Tree belay.
Natural Pro
Bruce Jones FFA 23/3/96


Nudge Nudge 17m 16

Start in line with arete 2m left and below WINK WINK. Pro in horizontal crack. Up and left for pro in left cnr crack. Move up and right to first BR Follow BR line to top. 3 BR's plus natural. Nice and pleasant. Tree belay
Flash & FA Bruce Jones, Mal Drummond 19/12/96


Wink Wink ** 15m 21

First face past first cnr left of RAIN DANCE. Start near tree and use face only. Follow BR line to top. Very nice and sustained. 4 BR's with tree belay.
Flash & FA Bruce Jones, Mal Drummond 19/12/96.


Rain Dance *** 20m 20

Arete to the right of 'WINK WINK'. Start below arete and move right then left. Go to left of overhang. Move up and traverse right to arete and mantle up. Move left onto face and head for tree at top.
5 BR's plus Natural Pro. Short sling for bottom BR. Tree Belay
Bruce Jones - FTRA 6/4/96 - FFA 16/8/96


War Dance ** 25m 21 - 22

Around the cnr to the right of 'RAIN DANCE'. Start in depression and move right then up onto block. Veer left over bulge then right past shrubbery to top.
7 BH plus natural
Matt Hutton - FFA 6/4/96


Grapevine 25m 19

4 BR’s wires and cams. Start as for War Dance. Clip first FH then traverse right. Follow BR’s & finish as for War Dance. A little pumpy at top third
FA 11/11/97 Bruce Jones


End of Routes