Training Information:

Do what you do do well they say. Well we are great trainers and offer training in most apsects of rock climbing. We wont kid ourselves, if there is something we can't handle, or some aspect we dont know enough about, dread the thought, then we wont try to train in that. Instead we will recommend you to an appropriate place.


In general rock climbing and abseiling though, well we are excellent trainers. Over the years hundreds of people have come out on the local rocks and everyone has had a great time and learnt heaps. The more dedicated ones who do a specific course find they have the grounding that will hold then in good stead for the rest of their climbing days.


Im a local to Coffs and just want to see people learn how to climb in safety and have fun. If you have the money then pay for a course, if you dont well, talk to me. There is cetainly no profit in it for me in Coffs harbour as pretty much anything earned from climbing goes back into climbing, I do it cause I love to.


Be confident in the knowledge that the trainer is a Qualified Climbing Instructor and a Qualified Workplace trainer and assessor with years of climbing expereince, so you know you are going to get quality instruction and training.


So look at the following list and see what we can do for you.....


General guiding
Fun day on the rock abseiling and climbing
Introduction to rock climbing 2 day course
Multi pitch climbing
Lead Climbing
Basic rescue techniques  
Advanced rescue techniques
Indoor / outdoor conversion
Technique training
Other Activities


Call 0407669027 or email to get out on the rock